About Me

Who is Daniel Omozokpea?

Daniel Omozokpea, a graduate of Chemistry from one of the best state universities in Nigeria, Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Daniel omozokpea
Daniel Omozokpea

I graduated last year so I’m still a fresh graduate, so if you get a job for me, just let me know.

My journey into online business started last year October when I was thinking of a business I can venture into that would sustain me.

I thought of the money that I would need to get an international passport and the rest for some scholarship I would like to process for my Master’s degree, I found out it was kind of much and I wouldn’t want to disturb my parent about it, so I decided to go hunting for a business and not a job.

That was how I started Data reselling business, I wasn’t satisfied with the gain and in my continuous searching, I met a guy that I can call my Online Mentor in the person of Oyejobi Adeola.

He is a professional blogger and a renowned digital marketer, he was the one that put me through my online career and he is still putting me through.

Little by little, I became familiar with three online businesses which are Information Marketing, Blogging, and Affiliates Marketing, and I have decided to stay with these three before adding another extra stream of income.

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